by Night Chills

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Written & recorded between 2011-12 in Austin, TX & Richmond, VA. Mixed & Mastered in Austin, TX.


released August 9, 2012

All sounds Night Chills. 2012



all rights reserved


Night Chills Austin, Texas

Austin, TX < - - - > Richmond, VA

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Track Name: Elvis Presley
****elvis presley
people train to sing other people's songs
love, sad, glad, broken, sounds
costumed Elvis needs to open
wide his mouth
prove your King! prove your King!

that's not the way i know
but i've messed it all up and around
i was bound to turn her down
i'm reminded of certain crowds
instead i've found
instead i've found
not everything is sound
even in this town

people choose who they wanna do
like which song they wanna croon to

~repeat chorus

so you've proven ya got it
it still feels like shhhhit.
Track Name: Silver Surfer
****Silver surfer
i've been alone with you for years now
when we're together i forget your feel now
i don't mean to blame, it's come around

now baby i lost your touch
so baby i'm one sick fuck now
and boy how these moving
pictures go round, around

i'm less than divine

now baby i miss your touch
and baby passive ain't 'nuff now
and i want to be a good boy
pictures must go down

enter: iconoclast
stranger danger
Track Name: on cloud #9 (from outer space)
****on cloud 9 from outer space
enlightment in the shower
Buddha flounderer, philanderer
enlightenment in the shower
thirty seconds to boredom
Lord, Lord, Lord
take me back
Track Name: game over
****game over
doin' it requires practice, baby
i'm out of whack
off my "A" game
so hold on and


all this crises got me
overstimulated, oversimulated
start over, start over


don't get bored
i got so much more
don't get bored
we'll play games more if you

Track Name: all over (again)
****all over (again)
my love,
i lost you
can we start all over, again?